I got the call. Normally when you discharge from the hospital, your Primary Care doctors office calls you within a couple days. When you are in palliative or hospice and you discharge from a hospital stay, a coordinator calls you both to see how you are physically but also asses you overall. Along the way […]

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Scary Faith for Full Healing

Yesterday it was troponin. The doctor said my labs showed it to be elevated such to indicate a cardiac event or heart attack within the last 72 hours. The thing is… I went into the Emergency Room to get stitches out. They weren’t even supposed to look at my heart. My legs were very swollen, […]

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Purpose Beyond a Plan

This week I will have my fourth round of chemo.I don’t have cancer. So explaining this treatment has been hard. Deciding to take this route doesn’t make sense to some. And thus, what can already be an overwhelming and isolating option has left me unable to really put words to this current part of my […]

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Chemotherapy without Cancer

I got a message this week from a friend. She knows someone who was just given six months to live. The person is riddled with cancer and my friend was simply hoping I knew of organizations that could help. I read with a growing lump of familiarity and a heart flooding with compassion.  But the […]


A Faith that Changes Everything.

I’m a coffee person. I make a big deal about Jesus. I led worship. I’m a people person.And I love coffee. These are just the Amanda facts that if you’ve spent much time around me in life, you’d have discovered. Last year, when I moved back to West Palm, I didn’t know how long I […]

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I like Coffee… and Gifts

I’ve said often in the past year or so that “if I had known what I know now, maybe I’d make a different decision.” But when you are walking out a terminal diagnosis with an illness that makes no sense and has very few answers… it is difficult to know how to make a decision. […]

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Choosing Life and Seeing God

I’m up in the air at the moment, in route to Colorado. Another unplanned “adventure” for which I didn’t even have a ticket booked this time yesterday. I am sitting next to a man who is literally almost 7 feet tall (I asked, he measures in at 6’11” and yes, he does play basketball). His […]

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Love Beyond Comparison

I know. I know what you’re thinking. In the last year, it’s been pretty clear. I make a lot of decisions and plans that don’t make a lot of sense. A month or so ago, when I was in the hospital with double COVId pneumonia, several people were surprised to see that I was living […]

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“Life is High Risk… You May Not Live.”

I’ve spent days wanting to share about the big moments up at the Oaks and meeting one of my heroes and a bunch of other truly incredible people and sharing my story with them. But like so many of the other beautiful, bucket list busting memories I’ve experienced over the past few months of this […]

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The Oak at the Oaks

The last 10 days have been as much a mental and emotional battle as they have been physically painful. I think my mind is overwhelmed by the weight of navigating the pain of the fractures, the logistics of navigating travel, where I’m living, failing health, and finances. How could I have broken my pelvis? I […]

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Three Truths for a Lie