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I love to share my miracle story and encourage others to live theirs to the best of their ability. 


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All speaking engagements are tentatively confirmed based on my present health, and will not be held liable for cancellations due to sudden illness. This is, after all, my present condition, and part of God's miraculous story, but I would be foolish to promise anyone 110% confirmation due to my prognosis. 

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A few years ago, Amanda was diagnosed with the rarest form of an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. A terminal illness. Her specific subtype attacks her body internally, and she is living with multiple organ failure as well as a paralyzed esophagus, stomach, and most of her GI system. Due to years of malnourishment, Osteoporosis has taken its toll. Since absorbing vital nutrients and vitamins as most people do isn’t possible, solutions to one medical issue have to be ruled out because of a co-occurring problem.

To someone on the outside, all of this seems like a death sentence. And it is. In September 2020, Amanda was told she wouldn’t live more than six months. 

Before her medical situation became so debilitating, Amanda spent a decade of her life in full-time church ministry. She led worship and kids ministries, recorded albums, and spoke at conferences across the country. Passionately declaring that hope is an anthem and the impossible is possible.

And now… she lives that message. Her motto is that “terminal ain’t terrible” when you see each day as a gift with a purpose. Through crazy “only God” miracles and heart-wrenching yet inspiring stories of choosing faith over fear, Amanda inspires those who hear her live their own life with wonder and joy.

Short Form Bio

A believer in the impossible. An odds defeater. Hope enthusiast. Worshipper. Speaker. Writer. 

Amanda Ferrin chooses not to be defined by the label that headlines her medical chart: terminally ill. 

After years spent pastoring and speaking at conferences across the country in Kids Ministry and Worship, Amanda now lives out her days sharing her journey of discovering that “terminal isn’t terrible” and calling audiences, through courage and faith, to see everyday as a miracle rather than a prognosis. 

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