I got a message this week from a friend. She knows someone who was just given six months to live. The person is riddled with cancer and my friend was simply hoping I knew of organizations that could help. I read with a growing lump of familiarity and a heart flooding with compassion.  But the […]


A Faith that Changes Everything.

I’m a coffee person. I make a big deal about Jesus. I led worship. I’m a people person.And I love coffee. These are just the Amanda facts that if you’ve spent much time around me in life, you’d have discovered. Last year, when I moved back to West Palm, I didn’t know how long I […]

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I like Coffee… and Gifts

I’ve said often in the past year or so that “if I had known what I know now, maybe I’d make a different decision.” But when you are walking out a terminal diagnosis with an illness that makes no sense and has very few answers… it is difficult to know how to make a decision. […]

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Choosing Life and Seeing God

Yesterday it was troponin. The doctor said my labs showed it to be elevated such to indicate a cardiac event or heart attack within the last 72 hours. The thing is… I went into the Emergency Room to get stitches out. They weren’t even supposed to look at my heart. My legs were very swollen, […]

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Purpose Beyond a Plan